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Cadie Belle Collection

This custom made yellow, rose, and white gold collection adds a contemporary glow to your daily style.

A picture of Micha's 3 girls.

Inspired by Micah’s three beautiful daughters

 Annabelle, Sadie, and Caroline 

This darling gal is Micah's oldest daughter, Annabelle. She is a spirited young lady who loves Gilly (her cat), music, and all things vintage. Vintage tees, vintage glasses and of course vintage inspired jewelry!

Annabelle Collection

A picture of Annabelle.

The vision behind the collection...

A picture of Sadie.

The vision behind the collection...

This colorful collection is ispired by Micah's middle daughter, Sadie. Crafted with diamonds and set yellow gold. (her favorite) Select from earrings, rings or necklaces

 Sadie Collection

Faith Collection